Monday, January 16, 2012

Shop real local

I live just a few miles outside Kinsale and although it is very close to quite a cosmopolitan town it gets very rural very quickly.  I'm saying this as a positive by the way.  The accents, the attitudes, everything changes within a few short miles.  The other thing that changes is that you are now in real farm shop territory.

On the stretch of road that I live on there are three farms within a few miles that sell potatoes, lambs and eggs.  I live closest to the egg farm and they have a fridge at the gate of the farm with trays of eggs and an honesty box beside it.  A tray of 30 medium or 24 large egg is €5.  Just help yourself to the eggs and slot your money into the box.  I like this for so many reasons.

Incidentally, the farm is free range and organic so although we had intended on keeping chickens once we had moved out to the country there hardly seems to be any point when there are about 3,000 next door.

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